We believe in the hard work and integrity of the people who moves us to what we are doing today. We maintain a decentralized chain of command and share common goals between ourselves.

Our Principles & Practices

Health and Safety

We are aware about health & safety measures of our employees. We are concerned about protecting our employees from unsafe measures in work condition. We support them during illness & accidents. We provide them free medical services in any accidental cause.


We have multicultural and multi diversified environment. We are an equal opportunity employer. We specially encourage women to work in our company. We acknowledge and respect every employee’s uniqueness and their individuality irrespective of gender, religion and sexual orientation. That allows us to create and promote an open working environment.

Providing a diversity inclusive workplace in which everyone has the opportunity to fully participate and is valued for their distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives

Create Leaders

We do believe a good workforce is the key to touch the pinnacle .We recruit people who have respect for our values, self-motivated and has ability to make change. We welcome constructive criticism and allow to make work life balance.

Learning & training

We allow individuals to enhance their skills through training. The employees are sent abroad to various countries from where our principles operate and master the way so that they can implement it here. We promote opportunities so that they are able to work in any field of our business. Each employee works in all of the departments at the beginning so that they know how to run the show.

Career With Us

Celestial Tech is looking for bright minds with innovative idea and wants to make a change attitude people to add value to our organization. We try to create a good working environment where employees can share their thoughts with us and we also maintain a horizontal management structure that helps us to communicate without any obstacle. In our company we believe in teamwork and every member of our team plays an important role for our organization. We do not believe in hiring a ready to go manager rather we are recruiting people as Management Trainee Officers (MTO) and train them to be a manager to run the show.

Please use the form below to upload your resume and apply for a position at Celestial Tech

To apply for the position of MTO the criteria is given below:

  • Fresh graduates from reputed institutions/experienced candidates in similar field of business required,
  • Who are between 23-28 years,
  • Able to multi task and can work in all the existing departments of the organization,
  • Should have good communication skills in both English and Bengali,
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office and other programs.
  • Able to handle pressure and meet deadlines,
  • Might need to travel outside of Dhaka and out of Bangladesh for work purpose.